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Leading Companies See Value in SAS and Teradata Partnership

A year after announcing their strategic partnership, SAS and Teradata are seeing acceptance and results from customers leveraging the two companies’ core strengths: data management, analytical and business intelligence software, and scalable data warehousing.

Over twelve months, SAS, the leader in business analytics, and Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the world’s largest company solely focused on data warehousing and enterprise analytics, have unveiled new initiatives, products and services to help customers make better, faster decisions to create a competitive advantage. By running and optimising certain SAS solutions and analytic processes within the Teradata database engine, businesses decrease data movement and increase performance, helping IT more quickly respond to business needs. With this approach, analytic processes are up to 45 times faster, and one joint customer reported processing time cut from 36 hours to one hour and 15 minutes.

The two companies recently announced the SAS and Teradata Advantage Program, designed to accelerate data analysis pertaining to specific business challenges such as fraud detection and credit risk. The announcement included a strategic roadmap for further integration and multiple joint offers in the months ahead.

Customers attest to the value of the SAS-Teradata partnership. “We achieved dramatic results from the SAS and Teradata partnership, including reduced analytic model run times,” says Aldo Mancini, founder of INTELeffect and former Vice President at Discover Financial Services. “In one case, we cut the time from one week to 36 minutes, with a tenfold increase in analytic output. Treating SAS and Teradata as a single, managed environment positioned Discover Financial Services to double analytic output throughout 2008.”

“We’re very excited that SAS and Teradata combined forces,” said David Norton, Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer at Harrah’s . “The significant advantage to Harrah’s is the ability to quickly predict which customers to target for loyalty incentive programs. Keeping customer data inside the Teradata warehouse for analysis greatly reduces the time required to determine what changes to make – if any – to our Total Rewards program. The SAS and Teradata combination helps us continue to innovate in driving revenue.”

“We anticipate significant benefits from SAS and Teradata’s integrated technologies,” said Shawn McNelis, VP of Healthcare Informatics at Highmark . “We expect to decrease execution time, cycles and disk space required for extracting data, analysing it in a separate SAS environment, and pushing it back into the Teradata warehouse. This better balances the capacity between our SAS and Teradata servers. In-database processing reduces application complexity, so our informatics analysts can draw insight more easily from claims, enrollment and provider quality data.”

In addition to deeper technical integration and coordinated marketing, sales and services activities, the SAS and Teradata partnership launched a center of excellence (CoE). This dedicated team of information system architects and technical consultants helps customers achieve increased performance and capabilities from joint SAS and Teradata solutions. The SAS and Teradata CoE team has participated in more than 170 global customer engagements spanning all vertical markets. Based on positive feedback, the two companies are increasing their investments in the partnership to meet the growing demand for consulting and architecture assessment services.