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SAS and Teradata Unveil Advantage Programme to Bring Powerful In-Database Solutions and Services to Customers

SAS, the leader in business analytics software and Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the global leader in enterprise data warehousing, yesterday announced an innovative programme that enables organisations to more quickly and effectively leverage SAS’ market-leading software within Teradata’s enterprise data warehouse environment. Consisting of new product and service offerings, the SAS and Teradata Advantage Programme is designed to help customers quickly realise and act on analytic-driven decisions that will dramatically impact their business’ bottom line.

Earlier this year, the two companies announced the first phase of delivering in-database capabilities within Teradata environments. This announcement represents Phase Two of the overall strategic partnership between the two companies, highlighting their continued efforts to help customers be more agile in responding to changing market environments by giving them quicker access to analytic insights.

“The SAS and Teradata alliance is built for success, not only because of the technology drivers and cultural alignment that exists, but the thoughtful and professional way in which the two companies have established and built out key elements of their partnership,” said Steve White, Programme Director of the Software Alliances Leadership Council at IDC. “Simply put, the SAS and Teradata alliance has all the attributes of a market-leading alliance.”

The SAS and Teradata Advantage Programme provides customers with competitively priced offerings that are designed for their particular industry/focus area, as well as with packaged service offerings to get customers quickly up and running. This powerful combination gives decision makers the integrated resources needed to efficiently and accurately solve critical business problems. The SAS and Teradata Advantage Programme includes the following initiatives that include offerings and services, which will be available starting fourth quarter 2008 into early 2009:

• Analytics
• Anti-Money Laundering
• Credit Risk
• Enterprise Intelligence
• Optimisation Services

“The strong Teradata and SAS partnership just keeps getting better. SAS analytics running inside the powerful Teradata database creates extreme intelligence that companies can't get from anywhere else,” said Darryl McDonald, Teradata chief marketing officer. “With the new SAS and Teradata Advantage Programme, we're packaging some of the best industry offers together with services in a very competitively priced programme to help companies get started quickly. Now, more companies can easily run advanced analytics directly against Teradata's active enterprise data warehouse for valuable business insights. We will continue to drive new offers together to bring customers the best in enterprise in-database analytics.”

For example, the Analytic Advantage Programme delivers a comprehensive environment that accelerates model development and deployment with in-database capabilities to make decisions with greater confidence, while the Anti-Money Laundering Advantage Programme enables financial institutions to accelerate compliance processing through more accurate detection and awareness of money-laundering activities. The Enterprise Intelligence Advantage Programme allows customers to choose from offerings that help them maximise the value of their corporate information by accelerating business insight at the departmental, business unit or enterprise level. The Credit Risk Advantage Programme enables organisations to react much faster to governance regulations via an integrated solution for improved risk measurement and management. Lastly, the Optimisation Services Advantage Programme is designed to help businesses quickly deploy joint SAS and Teradata solutions, as well as improve the performance of their existing SAS and Teradata architecture.

“The SAS and Teradata Advantage Programme is an example of collaboration at its best,” said Jim Davis, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at SAS. “This Advantage Programme removes the guesswork many of our customers face as they determine the best way to build a fully integrated, high-performing, scalable in-database environment. With combined offerings, services and industry expertise, only SAS and Teradata can deliver this much value and support to their customers to help them turn their data into analytical insights that drive effective decision making.”

Phase Three of the partnership will include additional offerings in key verticals to be available in the first half of 2009. Newly announced Teradata 13 has features that will enable more complex SAS® Analytics to operate in-database.