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Latest Software for Financial Planners and Investment Advisors - Windham Financial Planner®

Windham Capital Management, a premier financial services firm, has released a new version of its acclaimed Windham Financial Planner ® software. Developed for financial planners and investment advisors, the Windham Financial Planner ® instantaneously performs complex analyses to identify efficient portfolios, manage risk, and simulate future wealth, all while considering the effect of taxes. The upgraded reporting capability allows users to convert the resulting data into stimulating presentations that effectively communicate financial concepts to clients.

The software distinguishes itself in many ways – particularly through its ability to analyze asset behavior during periods of market turbulence. “It has often been shown volatilities and correlations are unstable,” says Mark Kritzman, president and CEO of Windham Capital Management. “This instability may lead investors to underestimate their exposure to loss and to form portfolios that are not sufficiently resilient to turbulent markets.”

The Windham Financial Planner ® equips advisors with financial planning capabilities that are not available in any other software package. For example, it estimates a portfolio’s exposure to loss at the end of, and continuously throughout, an investment period, using both analytic methods and Monte-Carlo simulation. Additionally, the platform estimates future wealth and retirement income that consider a client’s cash flows, retirement accounts, and taxes.