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Finocorp - Real Stream Trading uses Cognotec’s RealStream Margin platform to power its retail broker service

Cognotec, the world’s leading supplier of e-forex trading solutions, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Finocorp Ltd who have launched their new online trading service, Real Stream Trading, in Israel. The service successfully went live at the end of March, attracting a wide range of traders throughout the local Israeli retail market.

Cognotec RealStream Margin is a robust margin trading solution offering end-users true executable streaming rates. Operating in a truly real-time environment, end users can enjoy sophisticated re-valuation tools which enable up-to-the-millisecond portfolio analysis capabilities.

Using Cognotec’s advanced technical solutions, Finocorp Ltd offers high performance ‘one click’ trading with advanced features for the high-end, professional trader. RealStream Margin offers Finocorp Ltd the ability to source liquidity directly from a variety of the worlds leading liquidity sources, including those enabled by Cognotec, or others selected by Finocorp. Cognotec’s high performance link to liquidity providers, known as ‘trusted partners’, results in superior currency prices and depth of market. Most importantly, it also offers traders a guaranteed ability to execute on those prices in all market conditions. As a result, the service supports a wide range of traditional and non-traditional trading styles. Currently live in the Middle East, Finocorp is expanding into Europe and South America in the near future.

“Following extensive evaluation of technology alternatives it became clear that Cognotec offered us the ability to distinguish ourselves in the marketplace by offering superior liquidity on executable streaming prices, functionality and overall service quality. As a result we are able to target a wide range of retail traders searching for a reliable and efficient trading environment. We now have a platform that can grow with us and our clients, who are consistently reporting an excellent user experience,” explained Yoad Drewes, Sales Trading Director of Finocorp Real Stream Trading.

“Using Cognotec RealStream we can provide value-added services, such as news, advanced charting and analysis, which compliment our human services such as around-the-clock telephone support and advice, a community function which enables traders to interact with other participants, as well as courses and data designed to allow traders to expand their expertise,” he concluded.

John Beckert, President of Cognotec Intl. welcomed the addition of Finocorp to the global list of leading banks and brokers using the RealStream Margin platform. “Our partners are using technology leverage to help differentiate the services they provide to their clients in what continues to represent a rapidly growing but increasingly competitive market segment”.

Beckert added that “RealStream Margin’s “next generation” technology and architecture enable Cognotec and its partners to introduce new capabilities to the retail marketplace. Platform performance enhances core capabilities such as the revaluation of client portfolios every few milliseconds enabling truly real time management of warnings and closeouts. This real time process extends throughout the system enabling the inclusion of client specific pricing, depth of market and available trading capacity to be included in every price update, resulting in the ability to display charts based on client executable prices, along with the ability to auto-execute orders from charts.

The experience, creativity and initiative spirit at Finocorp is enabling them to build dynamic and compelling businesses, while driving continued innovation through leveraging a powerful technology base.”