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Evolution of Wholesale Lockbox: Let the Good Times Roll!

After many years of stagnation, wholesale lockbox is suddenly the land of opportunity. Plenty of revenue growth opportunity remains for banks willing to be proactive.

In a new report, Evolution of Wholesale Lockbox: Let the Good Times Roll!, Celent contends that there are many good years ahead for financial institutions offering wholesale lockbox services. Wholesale lockbox has enjoyed mid-single-digit revenue growth over the past decade, but can growth continue as check volumes decline?

Celent finds continued growth entirely manageable for most financial institutions. However, doing so may require some banks to move from their reliance on lending to investing in both upgrading lockbox platforms and revisiting selling strategies. Others simply need to put their existing capability to better use. For example, while the image lockbox is used by approximately 70% of wholesale clients, nearly half of them still get paper back, at great expense to both banks and wholesale lockbox clients.

According to Bob Meara, senior analyst with Celent’s Banking group and author of the report, “Growing the lockbox business for most financial institutions will not require massive capital spending. Even if a solution refresh is needed, a growing number of application service provider and outsource alternatives exist.”

There are distinct, tangible opportunities in wholesale lockbox. Both revenue growth opportunities and cost reduction are explored in the report. However, with these opportunities comes an increasing need to modernize lockbox platforms.