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Triple Point Technology Launches Credit Risk Management Solution Suite

Triple Point Technology®, the established leader in cross-industry commodity and energy trading, risk management, scheduling and logistics software solutions, announced today the availability of its credit risk management software solution suite. Commodity XL for Credit Risk™, the first product in the series, is a comprehensive credit risk management solution that is designed to proactively measure, manage and mitigate the risks arising from counterparty default.

“Financial stability depends upon an up-to-the-minute perspective of credit exposure and liquidity. Companies need the information and analysis tools to anticipate changes and adjust accordingly to reduce risk,” said Michael Schwartz, Triple Point’s chief marketing officer. “Commodity XL for Credit Risk provides an accurate depiction of credit exposure in both current market conditions and stressed scenarios. Access to detailed, actionable credit exposure and liquidity obligation information enables companies to set the accurate level for credit reserves and eliminate potentially crippling costs of adverse credit events.”

Commodity XL for Credit Risk offers on-demand access to the information needed to protect a company’s cash and creditworthiness. The product measures current and future exposure by using contractually current, accurate and legally enforceable information and not historical estimations. Commodity XL for Credit Risk simplifies the collateral management process by governing contractual and margining terms and netting formulas to automatically calculate liquidity obligations. It provides accurate details and hierarchy information for counterparties, capturing hundreds of data points into a single repository which can be used to better manage risk profiles.

“Most organizations struggle with inefficient credit processes, complex and inaccurate counterparty data and latency of required information to make timely credit risk decisions,” said Dan Reid, Triple Point’s vice president of credit risk management solutions. “With Commodity XL for Credit Risk, you gain efficiency and accuracy; questions that currently take hours or even days to answer can be addressed in a matter of minutes. Additionally, you can leverage information to make risk-adjusted decisions, utilize best practice methods for reducing credit risk exposure and improve reporting to regulators, agencies and shareholders.”

Market, liquidity and credit risk are inextricably linked in delivering the highest risk adjusted return on capital (RAROC). Integration between trading and credit eliminates data silos and redundant data input, providing immediate accessibility of information throughout the company. Forward thinking organizations will link the trade and credit groups on a common platform to improve decision making and gain competitive advantage.