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Rhyme Systems white paper analyses different approaches to handling client reporting data

Rhyme Systems, a 3i Infotech company and leading provider of asset management solutions, has today published its latest client reporting white paper. Entitled, “Client Reporting – Data is King”, the report analyses the different methods of handling client reporting data, in particular managing the growing number of disparate data sources.

With increasingly diverse and complex systems contributing data for incorporation into client reports, ensuring data integrity is becoming a bigger and bigger task. The white paper explores three different approaches to gathering data from such sources for onward processing and report production:

* Generic reporting solutions

Data is presented to the report in a very flat structure which has little or no context. Meaning is given to the data at the design stage where sequencing and hierarchy are added

* Static reporting solutions

Specific to the businesses they serve – the database held within the reporting solution is pre-defined and static

* Modelled data reporting solutions

The roles of data hierarchy definition and template design are split into two