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Global Equities pushes back the frontiers of BCP and wins innovation award with help from Orange Business Services -Trading Solutions

Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions, leader in unified communications for the financial community is delighted to announce that its customer, Global Equities, a Paris-based institutional financial services company, has won the prestigious Trophee de L’Innovation for pioneering use of technology.

Global Equities won the award for an innovative approach to business continuity / disaster recovery (D/R) - a challenge for all institutions, but those in financial markets especially. In partnership with Orange Business Services, Equinix and Inavem, Global Equities was keen to create a back-up site that would work equally well for its people and its technology.

While many Paris-based financial institutions choose D/R sites located close to central Paris, Global Equities needed its D/R operations to remain accessible and functioning even if public transport in central Paris was no longer available. The best partner responding to this geographical demand and also offering the best infrastructure was Equinix.

The Equinix Paris Saint-Denis (PA2) Internet Business Exchange (IBX®) centre, situated 60km outside of Paris, was chosen for its secure and redundant physical infrastructure and its strong track record of uptime, along with Equinix’s leadership with financial services companies and disaster planning. Power operations at the centre include a high-performance backup system that provides backup power in the event of utility power disruption. Security features 24-hour security officers and hundreds of surveillance cameras.

The scenario planning took a year and includes plans for relocating the families of Global Equities’ employees to a hotel next to the D/R site - a level of planning most companies do not even begin to consider.

Olivier Bisiaux, head of IT at Global Equities, comments: “Speed and of course confidentiality are of paramount importance to our clients. In the event of a disaster we need to be able to continue our operations and to provide a service that is as normal as possible. Most companies settle for shared D/R, which works on the principle of first come, first served; while this would have kept the costs down, this was not a satisfactory solution for us. Our D/R deployment has been tested at regular intervals since it was completed, and has proved to work exactly as intended”. Olivier adds: “We have a long-standing relationship with Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions, having used their services for over ten years. They supplied exactly what we needed, at the right price. We are delighted with the results - if we had to start this project again we would not have changed anything.”

The determination of Global Equities to base the D/R site in a high-performance data centre, its commitment to the welfare of its employees and the full replication of the company’s operations, all contributed to its winning the prestigious Trophée de L’Innovation for its original use of technology. A number of simulations have been conducted, including a recent exercise held under the supervision of the French stock market regulator, Commission des Operations de Bourse (COB). It was the only time the inspector had witnessed a full disaster simulation and the test was passed with flying colours.

Global Equities is also unique in being the first non-government organisation to engage with INAVEM, a government-run body usually involved with assisting victims of accidents and disasters in France and also in Europe with Victim Support Europe. Global Equities sought INAVEM’s expertise for creating and implementing a program that would help its employees in case of psychological trauma. This is a relevant illustration of the level of detail and preparation that Global Equities undertook.

Says Pierre-Louis de Guillebon, CEO Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions: “I am thrilled on behalf of Global Equities for winning this award. It is a privilege to have been able to work with them on this project and to be a part of a new approach to D/R – an area that is becoming increasingly important to financial institutions.”