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Golf Day at Woldingham Raises Money for Local Stroke Survivor Charity

A Charity fund-raising event took place on 12th June at The Woldingham Golf Club. Every year Financial Software Limited (FSL), a well-known City financial software company manages the Kingston University MBA Alumni Golf Day at Woldingham. This year, as always, there were a variety of standards. There were acknowledgements given, for example, for lost balls and disasters in bunkers!

The golf day was supported by many sponsors, including Peninsula, Elephant Shrew, FSL, Rhyme Systems Ltd, Ward Williams, Tiger Resourcing, Polhill Communications and Kingston Business School and all proceeds went to The ARNI Trust (Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury).

While the focus of this very enjoyable day was a healthy level of competition at Woldingham, FSL and the Kingston MBA alumni were proud to be able to support a local charity and help to make a difference in the area of rehabilitating stroke survivors.

The Charity's Senior Instructor, Nick Tsavalos, attended the subsequent dinner to receive the donation. He told the golfers that ARNI is a unique charity which has worked all around the South East since 2001 with amazing success with hundreds of stroke survivors of various ages and severity of injury. A Woldingham golf club member, Graham Davidson, who himself suffered a stroke, is currently being helped to rehabilitate by the Charity.

A significant reason for ARNI’s success is that the founder of the charity, Dr Tom Balchin, a lecturer who runs the MA course in Gifted Education at Reading University is a stroke survivor himself. He regained 99% of his movement and tripled his strength since his own injury, and is an example to stroke survivors who wish to emulate his success. He gained his PhD before the age of 30 and happily passes on his unique knowledge of movement and strength training techniques that he has adapted from many sources to the stroke survivors and physical trainers who come to his Centres every week.