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Investment Services Data Market Structure

Once considered an unattractive segment of the financial data market, investment services data is now the focus of many executives in the financial industry.

Investments without supporting data to help in trading and servicing are hard to imagine. The evolution and growth of the securities industry are direct results of the pervasiveness of investment data among market participants. In fact, market efficiency is predicated on the free flow and availability of data. Information technology is nothing but an enabler of data pervasiveness and accessibility.

Unlike the market for content targeted at the front office (market/pricing data), the market for data targeted at the middle and back offices (investment services data) has long been overlooked and regarded as secondary. This perspective, however, is gradually changing in the marketplace, and recent events have added momentum to what Celent identified as an important research topic in the middle of 2007.

In a new report, Investment Services Data Market Structure, Celent studies the market structure of investment services data from the perspective of five segments of market participants and aims at:

• Capturing and reporting on this economic model and the dynamics that govern the relationships among market participants.

• Examining the decision-making process executives (distributors, redistributors, or end users) go through to source this data.

"Sourcing of investment services data by end users is a serious and complex decision. The quality and completeness of this data is as important as the latency and quality of market data," says Mayiz Habbal, Senior Vice President of Celent's Securities & Investments Group and co-author of the report.

"Executives in the middle and back offices tasked with sourcing this data are becoming more selective and demanding as well as influential," he adds.