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Panopticon Adds New Visualizations, Real-time Effects and Support for Third Party Visualizations to its Developer SDK

Panopticon Software, the leading provider of Visual Business Intelligence software, today announced that it has released a major new version of Panopticon Developer. The company's flagship product is a comprehensive development platform enabling end users and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to embed visualization technology into their business applications.

Panopticon Developer v5.1 is the newest version of the company's fully documented, comprehensive Software Developer Kit (SDK). It allows companies to tightly embed Panopticon's visualizations into proprietary business applications. The SDK allows programmers to create HTML-only, thin client, or thick client applications. It includes a robust yet flexible Streamcube™ OLAP data model designed to accept real-time data streams, an application programming interface (API), and a set of controls - along with comprehensive documentation that explains every aspect of how to use the software.

The new version of Panopticon Developer is based on a Plug-In Architecture that makes adding new visualizations and data connections simple; developers can simply "plug in" new visualizations or plug-in data sources without having to rewrite any code.

Brian O'Keefe, Panopticon's Director of Product Management, stated, "We are constantly thinking of new ways to make it easy for developers to embed our Visual Business Intelligence tools into their own applications. We've made huge advances with the SDK recently, including improvements that enable our clients and partners to build applications based on a Service Oriented Architecture. This new release adds important new visualization capabilities that will make implementations more compelling and useful for business users."

This new release adds several major new features to the SDK:

• New Scatter Plot visualization. This is a valuable addition to the library of visualizations already available in the Developer SDK. The Scatter Plot makes it easy to compare numerical values on a relative basis. The SDK's Plug-In Framework allows programmers to add Scatter Plots to existing applications built using the SDK. Panopticon's Developer SDK also supports fully interactive Treemaps, Stack Graphs, Horizon Graphs, and Bar Series visualizations.

• Third Party Visualization Wrapper. The SDK allows developers to wrap existing charting libraries so they can be plugged into the SDK. This makes it easy to extend an existing SDK application with standard presentation graphics like pie charts, line graphs, and so on. Even 3rd party visualizations that are already implemented in existing applications can be leveraged using this technique to take advantage of Panopticon's advanced framework.

• Real-time Effects. This enables developers to add specialized flags and other visual indicators to make real-time updates to the screen clear and easy to interpret.

• Thin Web Form Visualizations. This allows developers to implement visualizations in zero footprint HTML clients, without requiring any applets, controls or plug-ins to be installed on the client.

• Shared State Framework. The Framework States contain settings for hierarchies, data and visual dimensions; this allows developers to connect multiple visualizations to a single State. For example, the application could display the same set of data in a Treemap and a Bar Series. If the user changes a filter setting for the Treemap, the settings for the Bar Series is also updated in exactly the same way. This makes it possible to view the same set of data from widely different perspectives - using different visualization techniques - simultaneously, which makes it much easier to spot trends, patterns and outliers.

• New Generation StreamCube™ Data Model. Allows users to easily integrate legacy data sources into their Visual Business Intelligence systems. It also enables the creation of highly specialized implementations of data storage to minimize data latency, memory consumption or other factors that may be critical in a specific application.

Panopticon's Developer SDK is available for use in Microsoft .NET and Java environments.

Clients in the financial services industry using the Panopticon SDK include Advent Software, Tbricks, Thomson Reuters, JP Morgan Chase, Louis Dreyfus Highbridge, and many others.