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Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions launch Unify integration engine for US trading community

Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, the leading provider of unified communications solutions to the global trading community, has today announced the launch of a specialist integration engine, Unify, for the North American professional trading community. Unify integrates widely-used off-the-shelf applications and also provides the toolkit for creating and integrating custom-built applications.

Unify brings the trader’s most frequently used tools under one umbrella. Time saving is achieved through integration of communication tools such as Instant Messaging (IM) and email and through single-click switching between voice and electronic communications. Accessibility of applications such as CRM, databases and Order Management Systems (OMS) helps to improve customer relationship management.

With Unify both information and communication resources can be shared between turret users, who are predominantly in the front office, and staff who may not have access to turrets in the middle and back offices. This includes standard phone users throughout an institution and mobile phone users who are away from their offices. All calls are fully recorded, making Unify fully compliant, and invaluable in a disaster recovery situation.

Says Oliver Bradford, Software Product Manager, Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions, “Unify has been very well received in Europe and Asia, and we are now extending its availability to North America. Unify brings unparalleled flexibility and communications efficiency to the traders’ community. It greatly facilitates sharing of information between all parts of the organisation. We believe that Unify will further enhance the productivity of traders and the speed and efficiency of their interaction with all parts of their organisations.”