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Anne-Marie Huot-Late
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Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions enlarges its soft terminal portfolio

Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions was the first to introduce the VoIP soft terminal concept to the market more than three years ago with Etrali Vision. Etrali Vision connects traders to their internal and external communities to offer cost-effective workflow and communication. It allows users of a standard PC equipped with a specialized handset to remotely view and utilise the same resources, including conference and intercom, as the front office traders, in a compliant (recorded) manner. It is also an integral component of remote working and a vital part of a disaster recovery strategy.

The firm was also the first to offer turret features on a PC to turret users. The Advanced Call Functions (ACF), a thin client application, enables traders to manage at a click some useful information like the Call Journal, the speed dials, the broadcast groups and even turret layouts, through a simple web-browser.

The latest set of soft terminal functions comes in the form of Unify Mobile Trader, which provides the user with complete mobility. A trader can log onto a secure website from anywhere in the world and see an exact replica of his familiar turret interface. Any telephone - mobile, or even a hotel phone - can then be used to make and receive calls in the same way as if the user was on the trading floor. Unify Mobile Trader provides the perfect solution for users who have to continue to trade externally, whether because they are travelling or in case of a pandemic if the back-up site cannot be accessed.

Etrali terminals also provide links to other popular applications such as instant messaging (IM), email, market data, CRM and video conferencing, to name but a few.

Marie Anguera, head of global products at Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions, comments: “We are continually strengthening our product portfolio through the use of open standards. Significant investments in combining turret and software functions are our key considerations along with providing our clients with secure, compliant solutions which fit any user requirement and are easy to use and easy to deploy.”