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Cognotec’s AutoDeal+ 3.40 offers DZ Bank efficiency andreach

Cognotec has today announced that DZ Bank, the fifth largest in Germany, is tosignificantly enhance its online FX dealing capabilities by upgrading to AutoDeal+ 3.40. The upgrade willenable the bank to fully integrate the trades generated by its two big client groups: its network of athousand local cooperative banks (which service individuals and SMEs) and large corporate customerswhom are serviced from the central office.

The bank already uses AutoDeal+ to automatically process the deals generated by DZ’s network ofcooperative banks. Presently, corporate customers access the bank via the 360T portal which is accessedvia a legacy platform. Using AutoDeal+ 3.40 both these groups as well as internal clients will be fullyintegrated onto the same platform.

AutoDeal+ is Cognotec’s award‐winning total FX trading solution for banks and institutions. Version 3.40 isthe latest upgrade which provides the leading Orders solution in the market, as well as the ability to tradenon‐deliverable forwards and accurate pricing to reflect client’s onshore/offshore status.

DZ Bank has enjoyed high volumes flowing through its AutoDeal+ platform from its local bank networkand the upgrade will enable the bank to extend roll‐out of this service. However, it was particularly thenew orders functionality which it found attractive. It enables orders which are requested and fulfilledelectronically to be tracked according to the specific pricing parameters the bank wishes to apply toindividual customers. Thus, clients can easily enter and exit markets when specific prices have beenreached, while the bank can automatically monitor margins either on a customer‐by‐customer basis, oracross its entire book.

Commenting on the announcement, Roland Weiss, Head of Corporate Sales for DZ Bank said:“There are clear efficiency benefits to us in upgrading to the new AutoDeal+ 3.40 platform. Using a singleplatform will enable us to continue rolling out automated dealing services to our clients who will enjoygreater automated connectivity in accessing our services. In addition to integrating dealing onto a singleplatform, order management will be more streamlined. This represents a very positive foundation fromwhich to move our electronic dealing strategy forward.”

Mike Thrower, Head of Sales and Marketing for Cognotec added: “The latest functional enhancements toAutoDeal+ 3.40 have proved such a good fit for DZ Bank because the entire plug‐and‐play componentbasedplatform is designed to offer maximum flexibility for banks competing in the forex arena. DZ is ableto enjoy efficiency cost‐benefits combined with increased service levels to its internal and external clients.This is an excellent demonstration of why AutoDeal+ has maintained its position as a world‐leadingelectronic trading platform.”