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Great Expectations: Can SOA Deliver?

In a new report, Great Expectations: Can SOA Deliver? Celent explains the various parts of service-oriented architecture and how they apply to banking. There is a great deal of ambiguity around SOA. It is both a buzzword and a real architecture designed to help banks abstract and expose their core systems. Celent defines SOA to be a set of loosely coupled modular services to support both business and IT requirements. In attempting to clarify what SOA is and how the pieces work together, Celent has created a map of SOA and charted how various non-US core vendors provide solutions to this map. Celent then ranks these vendors on its ABCD analysis.

According to Bart Narter, Celent senior analyst and author of the report, "Core banking vendors are using a service layer to both expose their core system to the expanding number of front end solutions and enable the orchestration of various back end services to create new products and processes for their clients."