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TradingScreen: First EMS to Introduce Credit Suisse's AES FX Algorithms for FX Trading

TradingScreen Inc, the premier execution management system (EMS) provider of multi-broker, multi-asset class trading systems to the buy side, today announced the addition of Credit Suisse's AES (Advanced Execution Services) FX Algos to TradeFX - its FX trading platform.

The expansion of algorithmic trading into foreign exchange represents a significant shift in FX trading, as it offers a number of ways to vastly increase the efficiency of currency trading for the buy-side trader. At the same time, it also enhances the variety and number of trading strategies and execution services available to TradingScreen's clients around the world. With the addition of these tactics, TradingScreen now offers over 300 multi-asset class strategies globally across the most significant brokers in the market today.

"Credit Suisse and TradingScreen are revolutionizing again the trading environment by bringing the benefits of low market impact and enhanced price discovery to the OTC market. It is a natural evolution to our vast offering in Algorithmic Trading for Equities and Derivatives to extend its reach to OTC products, and in particular, to Foreign Exchange - one of the largest markets in the world. The customer reception for this new product has been tremendous." says Michael Chin, President and Global Head of Sales at TradingScreen. "With the recent addition of Credit Suisse's AES FX Algos, clients now have the ability to direct trades to Credit Suisse across FX, Equities, Options and Futures using the same front-end across its entire range of value added services."

AES FX tactics provide traders the possibility to increase productivity and reduce market impact by automating trading as well as improving the execution performance and reducing costs. The most popular AES tactics for FX include Credit Suisse's Guerilla and Sniper, which underpin the markets' desire to trade quickly and anonymously in the market, while quickly capturing liquidity. TradeSmart TradeFX users can now access these tactics in both SPOT and FORWARD orders.

"Volatility in currency and equity markets is increasing. As active currency managers, having access to Credit Suisse AES FX Algos available on TradeSmart provides us a great tool to participate in the market and capture the biggest intraday swings and design a tailor-made strategy for the day", said Frits Fiene, Partner of World View Investment Management B.V.

"As an execution platform that continues to shape the evolution of electronic trading, TradingScreen is delighted to further its partnership with Credit Suisse through the delivery of their new FX tactics across our global customer base", says Jonathan Cooper, Global Head of FX and Fixed Income Sales.

"We are pleased that TradingScreen has integrated our AES FX algorithms. These FX-specific trading strategies yield excellent results, particularly when coupled with Credit Suisse's smart order routing capabilities. In creating AES FX, we leveraged our established expertise within equities and used the most innovative ideas and technology from foreign exchange to create a fully integrated, multi asset product for our clients," said Paul Buckley, Head of Credit Suisse's AES FX sales in North America.