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Virtual Technology Environments Secured by Savant's System Lockdown and Change Control Capabilities

Savant Protection, Inc., today announced that its award winning Savant end-point security solution has been proven to provide the optimum level of security for system virtualization by eliminating unauthorized modifications or changes to systems, devices, OS and application sets.

"The Savant solution has dramatically improved our corporate security strategy by providing complete control of what is allowed to run on each workstation and device", said Louise Dube, AVP Technology of Connecticut River Bank, NA. "As more corporations move to virtual environments, it is imperative that we employ this same level of security control to protect the multiple processes of these systems."

Savant's passive deterrence approach presents a very small operational profile with minimal impact on system performance making it the premiere solution to mitigate the threat of malware intrusion and spread in virtual systems.
Only Savant performs seamlessly in both monolithic and blade technologies while addressing the demand for multiple concurrent OS environments.

"With companies investing in virtualized environments to make their business profitable and green, we could not think of a more compelling reason to make sure these deployments are secure," said Ken Steinberg, President/CTO and founder of Savant Protection, Inc. "The very power of virtualization has the same potential to be its Achilles Heal and it is important that all use cases are protected so that the benefits can be realized without introducing any new concerns. Savant is uniquely positioned to provide the software security necessary to calm production fears."

Savant technology makes computing systems impervious to the injection and spread of malicious applications, scripts or changes to the system's existing soft infrastructure by providing unique cryptographic signatures to the approved application set on each system. The ability of unauthorized or unknown applications to execute is denied rendering it impossible for malicious code to compromise the host system or spread to other Savant enhanced systems. By containing viral intrusion and eliminating its spread, the risk of network-wide compromise is averted. Savant eliminates the need for bandwidth clogging inoculation downloads; scanning or persistent patching thus freeing up critical system resources resulting in uninterrupted usage and improved system performance.