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Systemware Offers SaaS Delivery

Systemware, Inc. announced today that it has expanded its delivery options of its enterprise and content management products to offer software-as-a-service (SaaS) and hosted delivery models. With these hosted offerings, companies now are able to utilize the entire suite of Systemware applications with a cost-effective and flexible usage-based solution that includes comprehensive management and hosting in a world-class, secured environment.

Regardless of size, companies are able to offer the same capabilities traditionally provided by only the largest corporations. Customers gain an integrated, tested, and supported solution that they would otherwise have to construct and support themselves. “These new delivery models allow our customers to utilize a world class content solution in a world class environment without worrying about the infrastructure,” said Dan Basso, president and CEO for Systemware. “Small and large companies alike will utilize our solution to meet compliance, operating and customer service challenges with a flexible, cost-effective solution that is ready to grow as they grow.”

The Systemware SaaS solution is designed for companies looking for improved content capability or looking for a way to lower cost by consolidating content across their organization. The Systemware SaaS model allows companies to avoid up front capital investment and adopt a usage-based, on-demand service that expands and contracts with business and economic challenges.