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Calypso Unveils Version 10 of its Trading and Risk Management Platform

Calypso Technology Inc, today announced the annual major version release of its integrated trading application suite to the capital markets industry. The new version, Version 10 incorporates significant enrichment of front office tools for structuring products and managing real-time intraday risk and P&L analysis; more robust risk management capabilities on a desk and enterprise level; and new capabilities to the Calypso Fast-Track product, shortening time-to-value during implementations.

"Today, financial services firms are struggling with processing backlogs created by the growing volume of increasingly complex products including treasuries and derivatives. In addition, continued manual processing is slowing innovation and creating additional costs and errors," stated Stephen Bruel, analyst at TowerGroup.

Charles Marston, CEO of Calypso, commented, "Version 10 is designed to enable Calypso users to successfully manage current market challenges and innovate to stay competitive. Additionally, clients can implement Calypso's solutions faster than ever as we continue to build upon our Calypso Fast-Track solution with additional pre-configured environments for multiple asset classes."

New capabilities for Version 10 include:

Enhanced, real-time intraday risk and P&L analysis - users can add their own analysis that traders configure "on the fly" - including reference entity, counterparty, strategy, sector and region - improving visibility and providing actionable information on a global, cross-asset basis.
Traders can view winners and losers by strategy, reference entity and other user-defined criteria using the Calypso Workstation.

Significantly enhanced front-office capabilities - V10 includes a variety of enhancements to help traders innovate further while improving risk management, compliance and productivity. New functionality includes a structured products packaging application, dynamic calibration, HyperSurfaces to model multidimensional market data, additional 3D graphics for modeling, and a configurable Trader Workstation. Additional product coverage includes expanded support for inflation products, repurchase agreements and several other products.

Market risk and capital analysis - provides risk managers with greater transparency and drill-down capabilities on Value-at-Risk and stress tests with the ability to view Market Risk Capital requirements over time for any organization or business unit.

Enhancements to streamline implementation - including more market data, currencies, countries, workflows and expanded configuration data in Calypso Fast-Track, plus new data and application migration tools.

Calypso V10 also builds on the industry-leading back office processing capabilities with enhanced cash management, a new securities financing front-end application and additional interfaces to third-party payment and clearing services.

In 1998, Calypso introduced the first integrated trading software application suite designed with true front-to-back office functionality as well as cross-asset trading capabilities from the outset. Capital markets firms, including global banks, regional banks, asset managers, hedge funds and other trading institutions have increasingly adopted Calypso's platform and help inform the direction of the new versions.

"Our clients worldwide continue to need more sophisticated trading systems in order to innovate and leverage market opportunities generated by new products," said Marston. "Calypso's Java-based architecture allows us to quickly introduce enhancements required by rapidly changing markets," he continued. The Calypso software platform, originally developed over a decade ago, continues to evolve with changing market conditions and has undergone nine major releases since its inception.