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New Standard on Fraud

Due to an unrelenting rise in the many different types of fraud, Infogov is to supply its Proteus Enterprise™ governance, risk and compliance solution as the underpinning technology for the BSI's forthcoming standard on fraud prevention and detection. The first development meeting for the standard, to be issued initially as a publicly accessible specification (PAS 8000) in August 2008 was held on January 22nd.

This meeting was very well represented. Sponsored by Telsecure via the BSI, those attending were the Anti-Money Laundering Professionals Forum, Barclaycard, Citibank, City of London Police, Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance Scheme, Financial Services Authority, Fraud Advisory Panel, Home Retail Group, London Fraud Forum, National Fraud Strategic Authority, Nottingham Trent University, Security Watchdog, Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum, University of Cardiff, Vodafone and of course InfoGov.

In Proteus Enterprise™, InfoGov's software solution provides such essential capability for the standard as Compliance, Supplier Audit, Remediation, Action Planning, Incident Management, Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity, Asset Management, Risk Assessment, Policy Management, Management Information and Reporting in the form of a graphical 'dashboard'.

In keeping with the Audit Commission's report on IT Fraud and Abuse in the Public Sector (June 2005) PAS 8000 will enable public and private sector entities to introduce clear policies for staff on computer use, to educate them on security risks, to introduce internal processes to protect data, and much more.

Stephen Hall, InfoGov's CEO stated "Launched within the Proteus Enterprise™ technology envelope, PAS 8000 will aid organisations in the fight against fraud and provide an additional utility to help beat it. Proteus Enterprise™ also enable compliance to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and many other essential standards such as BS ISO 27002 (Information Security Management), BS 25999 (Business Continuity), and CoBiT (IT Service Management) within a fully integrated environment. Fraud and other issues can be addressed by compliance to the PAS 8000 standard. This means that the corporation is totally driven by its fraud management strategy, that is to say that its implicit behaviours, processes and systems are in place and regularly reviewed and updated with reference to the non-observed economy. With the technology to match, through compliance we will be taking an important step towards combating this costly, often hidden, problem."