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Aldon publishes white paper on compliance

Aldon, a leading provider of process-driven application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions, has published a white paper on compliance. Providing best practices, compliance information and advice, the paper outlines how to use regulatory requirements as an opportunity to integrate business and IT.

“Most organisations nowadays are faced with compliance requirements of some sort,” said Matt Scholl, COO and president of Aldon. “Whether specific to the industry, such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II for banking, or HIPAA in pharmaceutical, what all companies face is ensuring that business processes are tracked, measured and controlled. The best place for this to be implemented and carried throughout the organisation is in the IT department.”

Aldon’s white paper, called Making Compliance Work for You with Application Lifecycle Management, describes how to ensure compliance by implementing internal controls over IT through ALM. ALM eases the burden of compliance on development organisations and offers business benefits across the company through increase agility, productivity, competitiveness, and overall business efficiency.

“Those businesses using compliance as an opportunity to improve productivity and quality rather than seeing it purely as a tick-box exercise will be able to better integrate their business and IT,” said Scholl. “Seeing compliance as a means to improvement, by killing two birds with one stone, will help corporations stay ahead of the competition.”