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Argo Software Engineering Announces New Release of Argo Exchange Simulator

Argo SE Inc., is a leading provider of highly efficient software for financial industry, announced today the new release of Argo Exchange Simulator (SimEx). The new version features higher performance, "one-cancel-the-other" and "if-done" order combinations.

Argo SimEx is high capacity/low latency software core of electronic market place. It implements fast time-price priority order matching algorithm, industry standard FIX-based interfaces for orders management, inside market and market depth distribution facility and RDBMS-based order history storage.

SimEx is seamlessly integrated with Argo Trading Platform.

SimEx is written on C++. It runs on Linux and on Windows. It can be ported to any major UNIX platform by request. SimEx supports MS SQL Server, mySQL and Oracle and Sybase RDBMS.