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Mid-Atlantic Corporate Federal Credit Union Chooses Open Solutions For Enterprise-Wide Data Processing

Corporate credit union seeks open platform to support other systems

Mid-Atlantic Corporate Federal Credit Union, based in Middletown, Pa., recently selected Open Solutions Inc.’sÒ latest version of its’ popular relational core data processing platform -- The Complete Credit Union SolutionÒ:DNA to efficiently address its enterprise-wide data processing needs. Open Solutions Inc. is a leading provider of integrated enabling technologies for financial institutions in the United States, Canada and other international markets.

As a corporate credit union, Mid-Atlantic serves 1,050 other credit unions and has more than $3.3 billion in assets.

“We are highly Web-based and we needed a core system that works in this type of infrastructure,” said Jay Murray, president and COO of Mid-Atlantic. “We also needed a solution that would easily interface and integrate with our other systems. Open Solutions’ open relational architecture was the basis of our decision to select the company’s core data processing platform.”

Built on a powerful OracleÒ relational database, The Complete Credit Union Solution’s open architecture and member-centric platform is designed to help credit unions streamline both the front- and back-office applications with a strong focus on member service. The Open Solutions core platform offers credit unions a centralized relationship-based view of its specific relationships with members, employees and business partners.

Open Solutions’ extensive experience working with corporate credit unions was also a significant deciding factor.

“As a corporate credit union, finding a vendor to meet our unique needs is difficult,” explained Murray. “But Open Solutions’ corporate expertise was expansive. Collaboration during the annual client conference and regional meetings with other corporate credit unions was also important to Mid-Atlantic. We look forward to further developing and enhancing the system, along with Open Solutions and other corporate users.”

In addition to The Complete Credit Union Solution: DNA data processing platform, Mid-Atlantic will be implementing Open Solutions’ full cView CRM suite, Digital Document Systems, Financial Accounting Suite including general ledger, and ProfitVision™ and the Channel Management Center (CMC) Toolkit.

“With Open Solutions’ platform, we expect better integration across all platforms and the ability to offer more innovative products more quickly to our member credit unions,” said Murray. “Through cView, we will consolidate all of our member data into one database as well. We have three locations that we pull data from, and this will simplify our ability to gain a complete view of our members with a quick snapshot on one screen.”

“Open Solutions strives to provide a comprehensive, enterprise-wide data processing solution that allows corporate credit unions like Mid-Atlantic to deliver customizable products and services to its member credit unions,” said Louis Hernandez, Jr., Open Solutions chairman and CEO. “With our open platform, our clients can remain shoulder to shoulder with emerging technologies. As the industry evolves, we believe Mid-Atlantic will be in the position to take advantage of our suite of features and functionality which have been designed to help them to meet their strategic goals and goals of their member credit unions are continually met. We look forward to working closely and providing Mid-Atlantic with the variety of focused- solutions necessary to expand its services and to continue to offer the outstanding service to the credit unions that Mid-Atlantic has garnered an industry-wide reputation for.”