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Tbricks Launches Next Dimension Automated Trading System

Tbricks has launched a new system – Tbricks Genesis – for automated trading of any electronically traded asset class. Tbricks Genesis has been designed exclusively for automated trading and combines ease of use with extreme performance.

This empowers professional users at banks, brokerages and hedge funds, by offering greater control and higher productivity, translating into new business opportunities.

Tbricks Genesis, developed by a team of former senior managers at Orc Software, features a unique user interface, built in collaboration with Panopticon, a world-leading provider of visualization technology, giving optimal ease of use and a comprehensive overview of market activity and strategies.

Tbricks was founded in 2006 by Jonas Hansbo, Joakim Johansson, Aleksey Dukhnyakov, Erik Heimdahl and Ronny Wester, all of whom were key contributors to Orc Software. Tbricks’ owners include Raxor Capital, DN Capital and Nils Nilsson, co-founder of Orc Software.

Tbricks Genesis is designed specifically to support very high speed automated trading and features a unique user interface that makes it easy for traders and managers to understand market movements and take control of their trading strategies. Its highly modular design allows institutions to implement an unlimited number of complex trading strategies and algorithms while maintaining extremely high performance.

The system has been designed to provide professional users at banks and hedge funds with the power and control they need, offering high visibility of the results of their activities, and supporting vastly higher levels of productivity than previously possible. Latest generation trading systems like Tbricks Genesis allow users to automate buy and sell orders in the marketplace in millisecond timeframes, leveraging today’s low latency infrastructures, Based on a given trading strategy, Tbricks Genesis system can handle a dramatically higher volume of transactions.

According to Jonas Hansbo, CEO of Tbricks, the company has already secured its first major client for the new trading system, which has been implemented in pilot mode since last autumn. Hansbo says Tbricks has several more clients in its sales pipeline and expects to report additional contracts soon.

Says Hansbo: “We wanted to offer the market something truly unique so we focused our design team on developing a very flexible, high performance trading system that institutions can configure easily to meet their specific trading objectives. We also realized that we had to give traders and managers a user interface that would allow them to very quickly understand what was happening inside the system and in the markets, as well as giving them a comprehensive view of the results of their trading activities.”

“We looked at partners from all over the world and selected Panopticon because it offered the most comprehensive developer toolkit available combined with world-class visualization technology. We used the Panopticon Developer to tightly integrate their interactive Visual Business Intelligence tools with our platform. This combination of a highly intuitive front end with our extremely high performance trading platform sets a new standard for automated trading; our first customers love it since they are able to work so much more productively, and more profitably!”

Robert Ekström, CEO of Panopticon, said, “We have been working with major financial institutions all over the world since we started the company in 1999, but this is the first time we have had our information visualizations so well embedded into an automated trading application. We are very impressed with what the Tbricks team has produced and we believe their approach will make their system a standard in the industry very quickly.”