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Penson GHCO Announces Advanced Electronic Trading Capability for Sophisticated Customers

Penson GHCO, the futures and derivatives clearing subsidiary of Penson Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: PNSN), announced today the launch of PFIX API, an advanced electronic trading capability based on the securities industry FIX standard protocol. PFIX API supports sophisticated customers trading in multiple asset classes via their own trading software who are seeking an execution venue around the clock for futures trading.

PFIX API supports order routing and execution, as well as direct market access (DMA) to the following futures exchanges:
• Chicago Board of Trade (eCBOT & Globex)
• Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)
• COMEX (via Globex)
• Eurex
• Euronext LIFFE
• NYMEX (via Globex)

“With the convergence of asset classes, our new PFIX API aims at increasing Penson GHCO’s ability to support sophisticated customers who are coming from the equities world into futures, as well as firms looking for an execution venue for algorithmic and black box trading,” said Chris Hehmeyer, CEO of Penson GHCO.

Mike Meagher, Chief Operating Officer at Penson GHCO, said “The PFIX API supports trading during all open exchange hours, as well as trading in all electronically-traded futures contracts on many of the key futures and derivatives exchanges around the world.” PFIX API will primarily be used by securities broker dealers/correspondents, futures commission merchants, asset management firms, funds and proprietary trading groups that have their own trading applications but require routing, execution assistance and direct market access.

“Our new PFIX API is a state-of-the-art capability designed, like all products offered by Penson Worldwide, Inc. companies, to offer maximum trading and clearing flexibility to our customers so that they can focus on their trading expertise with maximum confidence in the technology they utilize,” Meagher said.