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IBM Innovation Centre Benchmark Testing Showcases Performance and Scalability of Actuate Collaborative Reporting Architecture

Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTU), the leader in Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Reporting Applications, announced today the results of a benchmark test conducted at the IBM (NYSE: IBM) Innovation Centre, reaffirming Actuate as the industry’s highest performing and most scalable platform for generating information applications. The tests focused on the collaborative reporting capabilities of Actuate iServer 9, which is based on Eclipse BIRT, the Eclipse Foundation’s open source Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools project - initiated and co-led by Actuate.

As companies need to perform better with fewer available resources, they are faced with formidable competition and an increasingly web-savvy customer base. Open source technologies—specifically those focused on presenting information for self-service - are a more important consideration than ever. Organisations from banks to government entities are seeking to reinvent the way information is presented to their customers; and need to deliver it in an efficient, scalable way to an audience that expects the performance and interactivity presented by many of the popular web destinations today.

Proven by this benchmark test, Actuate’s unique Collaborative Reporting Architecture, running on Actuate 9 iServer, can scale with near-perfect linear efficiency and support a user population of millions, regardless of the size or scope of their information applications. This scalability and unparalleled performance results in faster and more accurate report production, lower costs and higher user satisfaction for organisations in the financial services, government, education, healthcare/sciences, telecommunications and public sector markets.

Actuate brings the virtues of open source development processes to collaborative report development, enabling individuals to contribute their work for others to use. Now, different levels within an organisation—from architects to application developers to power and business users—all contribute intellectual insights to report design which ensures a more progressive approach to report development. These disparate user groups can create, interact with and modify reports using the environment most appropriate for their goals and skill level. They can also share reports with other users who in turn interact with and alter the reports using their own skill-specific environments. Collaborators can choose the Eclipse BIRT Designer, a powerful, desktop-based report design tool for technical report developers, or BusinessReport Studio, an easy-to-use Web-based report design tool for less technical users who want to create their own reports while end users can adjust their own personal reports through the Interactive Viewer, which enables users with little or no report-writing experience to modify reports written by others for their own use.

Benchmark tests conducted at the IBM Innovation Center tested the performance of Actuate 9 using a 64 CPU core IBM P5 959 server running the AIX operating system, while the Actuate iServer cluster consisted of eight 8-CPUs leveraging dynamic logical partitioning. Tests focused on the collaborative reporting capabilities of the Actuate iServer, specifically report generation, standard viewing, interactive viewing, on-demand reporting and Web-based report authoring of BusinessReports. Test highlights include:

• For all activities, near perfect scalability up to 64 CPU cores
• 1.8 billion batch report pages generated per day
• 43,000 active users viewing reports with the standard viewer
• 10,000 active users interactively viewing reports
• 10,500 active users running and viewing on-demand reports
• 1,000 active users of BusinessReport Studio on 6 iPortal CPU cores

All tests adhere to Actuate’s strict response time standards of less than five seconds for more than ninety percent of the user requests. This exercise, like all Actuate benchmarking projects, is fully documented including details of report designs, server configurations, testing environment and test results.

“Time and time again, Actuate is told that our customers choose us for performance and scalability. The ability for an organisation to achieve their best performance results should never depend on the size of a deployment, or the skill level of end users involved,” said Nobby Akiha, senior vice president of marketing for Actuate. “This benchmark test builds on Actuate’s long-standing legacy and commitment to scaling to reflect the real-world usage scenarios of our customers and providing them with an unparalleled technology solution to meet their application performance needs.”