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SAP Solution Manager® interface aligns SAP with business requirements

MEGA International today introduced MEGA SolMan, an interface between SAP Solution Manager and the MEGA Modeling Suite that aligns an SAP implementation with business requirements, reducing time and costs.

MEGA SolMan enables IT architects, SAP architects, and business analysts to chart the relationships between business process models and an SAP implementation. The interface is essential for SAP customers to analyse and plan business processes through an enterprise architecture (EA) perspective with the MEGA Modeling Suite. It is also designed for MEGA International customers who use, or are considering using, SAP to permit the exchange of process information.

The MEGA Modeling Suite is a set of business process analysis modeling tools that help companies analyse, record, and understand business processes. SAP Solution Manager is a component of SAP NetWeaver, the technology platform used to orchestrate business processes, develop applications, and deploy new solutions. SAP Solution Manager, a management toolset, facilitates technical support and monitoring of instances of SAP.

MEGA SolMan permits automated exchange of process-related information between the MEGA Modeling Suite and SAP Solution Manager. It aligns SAP process models with corporate business processes, allowing companies to coordinate the two to correspond to enterprise strategy, improve business decisions, and reduce the cost of SAP deployment and migration.

"Business processes must be identified, documented, and understood for optimal SAP deployment," explained Lucio de Risi, president and CEO of MEGA International. "With MEGA SolMan, there is complete understanding of company operations and an efficient and cost-effective means to implement or upgrade SAP."

Business requirements are defined using MEGA Process (a module of the MEGA Modeling Suite). The SAP project is defined in SAP and imported into MEGA Process, where models can be aligned, compared, searched, and more.

MEGA SolMan connects the business process and SAP environments through a powerful modeling environment and the MEGA Repository. Within this environment, SAP process definitions can be fully documented with web sites and Word documents, and descriptions can be reused in other projects, such as business/IT alignment, business process improvement, and enterprise SOA.

MEGA SolMan offers maximum flexibility in requirements description by decoupling the SAP model from the business process model. This is essential because business processes encompass more than the SAP application, and business models must reflect operational reality.

MEGA SolMan:

- Aligns the SAP application implementation with the business perspective;

- Automates the generation of documentation on the SAP blueprint and its relationship with the business view of the organization;

- Allows for reuse of the SAP IT process information in other projects (e.g. enterprise SOA, best practices, etc.);

- Reduces the time and cost necessary for an SAP deployment by assessing requirements beforehand and implementing only the elements that correspond to business needs.

The MEGA SolMan Design Module, which associates SAP processes with business processes defined in MEGA, runs on the MEGA workstations. The MEGA SolMan Exchange Module, ensuring bi-directional synchronization of the project hierarchy between MEGA and SAP Solution Manager, runs on both the SAP server and the MEGA workstations.