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Panopticon Information Visualization Software Now Supports Real-Time Streaming Data from Bloomberg

Panopticon Software, the leading provider of visual business intelligence software, today announced that it has released a new version of software that supports real-time streaming data feeds from Bloomberg. The new product is called "Panopticon Explorer Bloomberg Edition" and is now shipping.

The software allows traders and managers to interactively visualize and monitor real-time streaming feeds from Bloomberg; they can visually analyze huge amounts of data with simple drag and drop operations in order to uncover hidden market trends. Explorer Bloomberg Edition allows users to interactively filter and remove irrelevant data and supports highly intuitive navigation using simple mouse operations. Like all versions of Panopticon, this new package also allows users to save their favorite views and share their findings with colleagues and customers.

Robert Ekström, CEO at Panopticon Software, said: "Visualization for advanced real time analytics is a growing market area for us. This new product is a very good example of how Panopticon technology can be added to systems our clients are already using. It helps them facilitate and improve their workflows and increases the value and ROI on existing business investments."

Bloomberg Edition supports dynamic calculations using combinations of live data from Bloomberg and analytics and data from in-house systems. For example, users can join data from an Excel spreadsheet with live real-time data from Bloomberg and program calculations using Excel-like formulas. Bloomberg provides a live streaming real-time feed and the data is not stored in the system in accordance with Bloomberg desktop licensing requirements. However, Explorer Bloomberg Edition does allow users to read from multiple external databases (like DB2, Oracle, MS Access and SQL Server) and Excel or similar data sources. It also handles other real-time streaming data feeds from in-house sources and connections to OLAP cubes.