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Unify - a revolutionary step forward for the trading community

Trading floor users are surrounded with an ever increasing array of disparate tools. Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions has today unveiled a revolutionary suite of integrated tools designed to bring information, flexibility and ease-of-use to the trading floor, front, middle and back offices.

Unify is an industry first in offering such a broad selection of integrated products which utilise the power of telephony and information systems to literally unify the tools and information systems used by the trader and improve performance, communication and collaboration across the front, middle and back offices throughout the entire trading cycle.

Says Pierre-Louis de Guillebon, CEO of Orange Business Services, “We have spent a lot of time listening to our customers around the world to find out what they really wanted and what new tools they needed to give them a real competitive edge. The result of our R&D initiative is the Unify product suite which gives trading floor users a host of flexible solutions.”

Some key benefits that Unify brings are described below.

Toggling between voice and electronic means of communication can now be done with a single click, so a user can switch effortlessly between voice (the Etrali Mach 3D turret or a standard telephone), email and Instant Messaging (IM), providing a significant time saving. Hitting just one button will, for example, enable a trader using Reuters IM to switch to voice. Unify interfaces with a broad range of services such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Bloomberg, and Reuters Messenger to name but a few.

Clients will benefit from improvements in areas such as collaboration between colleagues, recording of all remote terminal access for compliance, and mobility solutions for disaster recovery. The latter is an invaluable asset in disaster planning and business continuity. Where access to a trading floor may not be possible Unify enables traders to communicate securely and remain in contact wherever they are. Compliance with Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations is supported as all conversations are recorded, whether made from mobile or standard phones.

For improved collaboration, Unify provides users with a range of communication options available not only for turrets but also telephones, mobile telephones and hand-held devices enabling, for example, users of Cisco IP phones to tap into resources (private wires, digital/analogue lines, etc.) that were formerly the preserve of the front office.