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QuIC Financial Technologies develops QuIC Bridge™

QuIC Financial Technologies Inc., a leading global solutions provider of risk management, pricing and financial analytics solutions, announces the development of QuIC Bridge™, a breakthrough technology that enables QuIC users to call C/C++ programs directly from QuIC Script – QuIC’s high performance, vectorised computing language.

With QuIC Bridge, users can leverage pre-existing model libraries for simulation, calibration or valuation, and still benefit from the speed and flexibility of the QuIC Product Suite. Extending performance benefits of vectorisation to existing C/C++ models, QuIC Bridge minimizes effort spent on integration and model validation and maximises the performance of their vanilla derivative portfolios with the speed and calculation power of the QuIC Engine. QuIC clients also get the benefit of the QuIC Simulation Framework to manage the workflow of their portfolio calculations using their own models including QuIC’s Adaptive Breakdown and aggregation processes.

Said Nigel Cairns, QuIC’s President and CEO “QuIC Bridge gives clients greater control and reduced costs by leveraging their existing infrastructure and model libraries. Not having to go through model validation and all the costs of implementing a big risk project, enables clients to direct greater investment on maximizing performance and extending their portfolio coverage.”

The development of QuIC Bridge is part of QuIC’s open engine strategy - a commitment to increase compatibility with other environments, while making the QuIC Product Suite interoperable with more computer languages and paradigms.