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Raptor Analytics Help Security Device Firm Improve Sales Program

Raptor Analytics, one of the world’s leading SOM (Self Organizing Map) software developers was chosen by Isotec a division of World Am, Inc. (OTC BB: WDAM) to develop a system that would provide it with timely market information and identify clients that have the highest probability of purchasing its products. Using Raptor Analytics’ new market analytics system; Isotec will be providing one of its top-of-the-line Access Weapons Control Systems™ to a major bank branch in Las Vegas, NV.

 “We chose Raptor because of their ability to effectively identify the most likely buyers of our security products.  They have unparalleled knowledge of trends in the utilization of significant security deterrents in the banking market and their data mining capabilities ensures that we are talking to the clients that are most likely to be interested in purchasing our products,” said Robert Seeley, Isotec’s Director of Sales and Marketing

According to David Mansfield, Vice President of Raptor Analytics, “we developed a system that allows security vendors to understand what are the most important buying characteristics of their customers, and to the extent that we know customers of competing products.”  We then developed a model that highlights which branches are most likely to have the greatest desire to purchase a specific type of security product.” 

The Raptor analysis designed for Isotec focuses on identifying financial institution branches that have the highest mathematical risk for violent robberies.  These are the exact type of robberies that Isotec Access Weapons Control Systems™ are designed to prevent.  The model looks to see if a financial institution has a history of buying access control doors from Isotec or one of its competitors.  Because Isotec sells through distributors, an East Coast distributor may not be aware of the purchasing pattern of a West Coast headquartered bank.  By knowing a branch has a high mathematical risk, understanding what security devices they have a preference for, and what security devices are deployed in an area by other financial institutions, Isotec is much better prepared and can focus its sales efforts on likely buyers.

“When we got the first report from Raptor, one branch in Las Vegas really jumped out at us.  They already had a BR glass partition, but had two shootings since that glass was installed.  The bank has a history of buying access control doors from our competitors.” , “I called our Las Vegas distributor, TCCS and spoke with them about the potential for a sale with this branch,”  continued Seeley.