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International Personal Finance to Cut Company and Customer Risk with SAS

SAS, the market leader in the new generation of enterprise intelligence software and services, has been selected by International Personal Finance (IPF) to provide a complete package for all its data analysis needs. By using SAS as the standard to analyse company-wide data, IPF will be able to make smarter business decisions, quicker, resulting in lower losses from risk and a greater ability to react to opportunities. IPF aims to be a leading provider of simple, fair and transparent financial products and services.

One of the main uses of SAS’ software will be to increase the efficiency of IPF’s credit scoring for existing and potential customers. It will enable IPF to build predictive risk models more quickly and accurately, meaning that models can be updated more regularly and therefore be used to make better credit decisions. SAS will help IPF to service an increasing customer base and drive company growth. SAS’ software will also underpin the work carried out by IPF’s Security function. Using SAS, the company will decrease its level of internal fraud by predicting, identifying and preventing potential fraud activity within its business.

Additionally, SAS will be used to help IPF drive more effective, efficient marketing campaigns, enabling the company to react swiftly to customer demands. Furthermore, it will determine the likelihood of customer attrition as well as measure and evaluate the results of IPF’s marketing initiatives.

Prior to choosing SAS, IPF’s analytics were performed by a variety of extraction and analysis tools. This slowed the process down resulting in longer lead times to develop new predictive models. Now with SAS’ analytics software and predictive models, IPF’s decision will be based on direct, faster analysis.

John Williams, Director of Credit at IPF said “With over 30 years of experience, SAS truly is the leader in the field of financial services analytics; there really was no other name we would have considered. SAS’ analysis tells us what we need to know instead of having to interpret the results. No other company could have given us the ability to prepare and understand the data in the way we needed it. SAS will be an integral part of our business and we’ll rely on it to help us make the right decisions for our organisation.”

John Dalton, Managing Director, SAS UK says: “SAS prides itself on offering solutions that meet the needs of any individual company. IPF choosing SAS is a great example of how SAS enables integrated decision making across the business and can become the foundation to increased efficiencies, resulting in company growth.”

IPF will implement SAS’ analytical software in late September 2007.