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GL TRADE makes the “algo” world easier for its clients with the launch of SHaPE

GL TRADE, the multi-asset provider of front to back office solutions for international financial institutions, is pleased to announce the launch of SHaPE, the latest addition to their suite of advanced trading tools delivering the capability to create, test and deploy both standardized and customized algorithms.

SHaPE is delivered with a suite of advanced order types which can be customized using a simple to use interface. The open architecture allows historical data to be captured and a seamless integration with the trading environment to achieve a low latency solution for both buy and sell side users looking to create unique algorithmic trading capability.

“Algorithmic trading is a growth area within both the sell and buy-side communities” commented Jean Pierre BARON, Managing Director for Trading Solutions, GL TRADE. “Tougher competition and resulting pressure on margin is forcing banks and brokers to find new ways to add value to their customers. With SHaPE, we have concentrated on delivering the ability for users to easily implement brand new or customized strategies without the need for extensive technical knowledge. The real goal is to give them the tools to develop their ideas quickly and efficiently and to then use them to maximize returns.’