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Award-winning anti-money laundering software to be used across more than 5000 independent law firms

The 2020 Lawyer Group, the pre-eminent legal services group consisting of over 5000 independent firms across the UK, has selected Callcredit as its preferred supplier and the CallML service as its anti-money laundering system of choice.

The organisation will promote the service to group members ahead of the Third Money Laundering Directive deadline of December 15 2007.

Mel Mitchley, director of industry relations, Callcredit comments: “Securing the status of preferred supplier to The Lawyer 2020 Group is a significant result for our business. As well as finding CallML more convenient than asking for paper based verification, the team found it faster and easier to use than other electronic alternatives.”

Viv Williams, managing director, The Lawyer 2020 Group adds: “We are delighted with the way Callcredit responded to the tender and also to the support it gave us when advising on the implementation of what will now be a crucial service. The level of knowledge and expertise at Callcredit gave us confidence in the product and we are sure that our members will recognise the key benefits of the CallML product in the run-up to the legislation implementation.”