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Jack Roehrig Elected as Executive Director, RIXML

The RIXML Program Office is pleased to announce that RIXML Steering Committee members have elected Jack Roehrig as its next Executive Director of RIXML. Jack will succeed Mike Skutinsky, who will retire on November 30th, after successfully completing a two year term. Jack has also joined the Management Consulting team at Jordan & Jordan and will lead RIXML efforts within the RIXML Program Office under Jordan & Jordan.

“I am grateful to the RIXML Steering Committee members for their support and I am excited by this opportunity”, said Mr. Roehrig. “I believe special thanks and mention should be given to Mike Skutinsky for his contributions to the organization. Mike has achieved much success through enhanced visibility and impact, increased membership and overall growth of the consortium. His delivery milestones include establishing a “Level One” specification compliance timeline, release of current specification 2.2 and aligning and establishing RIXML as a provisional jurisdiction of XBRL.”

Jack Roehrig is a recognized industry leader in the electronic Research packaging and delivery business, having a successful 30 year career at Merrill Lynch, most recently, as Director of e-Solutions within the firm’s Global Markets & Investment Banking division. Jack also led Merrill Lynch’s participation as a founding member of RIXML.

“I am honoured to welcome Jack as RIXML’s new Executive Director, and look forward to working with him to develop and promote the benefits of RIXML. Jack brings an impressive depth of knowledge and experience to the role, as well as a network of strong relationships across the industry,” said Andrew Ling, who represents UBS at RIXML.