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Secure Elements announces C5 Auditor Pro compliance solution designed for field auditors and Inspector General Community staff requiring portable SCAP solutions

Secure Elements, the industry leader in standards-based IT audit and compliance management, today announced their newest solution – the C5 Auditor Pro. Designed for the IT auditor and Inspector General communities, the C5 Auditor Pro is delivered on a notebook computer running Microsoft Windows XP. The solution enables audit professionals utilizing the NIST SCAP compliant testing procedures in the field to perform compliance and vulnerability scans of networked, and stand-alone, computers. C5 Auditor Pro greatly reduces the turnaround time for analysis and reports required for supporting agencies compliance objectives including FISMA.

The C5 Auditor Pro is built on open XML standards (OVAL and XCCDF) for technical control auditing and benchmarking using the NIST SCAP security checklists. C5 Auditor Pro automates the measurement and reporting of systems’ compliance with regulatory security requirements including Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC), FISMA and NERC/FERC.

With a February 1, 2008 deadline for meeting the OMB mandate for FDCC quickly approaching, several agencies have requested Secure Elements offer a portable version of their C5 Compliance Platform. The C5 Auditor Pro meets this need. The C5 Auditor Pro provides users with a SCAP auditing solution that is portable, includes out of the box integration with desktop tools for analysis, automates the process of pinpointing noncompliant machines and systems, and enables IT staff to focus on remediation rather than the discovery of problems.

“In working with NIST and at the request of a number of government agencies, we were able to adapt our enterprise compliance product for those individuals responsible for the IT security auditing process, “ commented Ned Miller, CEO, Secure Elements. “C5 Auditor Pro is designed for those who need a portable NIST SCAP auditing tool enabling faster audit reports with a consistent methodology.”

Secure Elements will be demonstrating the solution at the NIST IT Security Automation Conference on the exhibition floor. C5 Auditor Pro will be widely available in the fourth quarter of 2007.