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SAS sees marketing optimisation becoming a standard in the marketer's toolbox

SAS, the leader in business intelligence, will help solve more marketing challenges with new versions of three key solutions in its Customer Intelligence suite.

SAS Marketing Optimisation will extend its campaign and offer optimisation capabilities with a new user interface, upgraded contact policy optimisation and enhanced report publishing.

Marketing optimisation helps marketers plan and prioritise all outbound customer communications while balancing the organisation’s capacity to deliver with the likelihood that customers will respond and other factors such as contact policies.

“We’ve seen an upsurge in interest from customers in marketing optimisation capabilities in 2007,” said Jeff Levitan, General Manager, SAS Customer Intelligence. “Increasingly marketers want new ways to get more return from existing technologies. Savvy marketers have discovered that marketing optimisation leads to smarter marketing that delivers rapid ROI. With the new capabilities we announced today marketing optimisation will become a standard in all marketers’ tool boxes.”

The user interface of SAS Marketing Optimisation has undergone a complete make-over and improvements to contact policy management will offer users such options as limiting contact or the amount of time that has transpired since the last contact. Out-of-the box reports that combine data from multiple SAS Customer Intelligence solutions will now provide a more accurate picture, leading to better decision making.

SAS Digital Marketing extends its capabilities with RSS and Dynamic Web Publication support, providing further access to more channels of communication. In addition, a digital content repository is now included along with an easy-to-use in-line content editor that enables easy editing and testing of content for multiple channels simultaneously.

New capabilities in SAS Marketing Automation bring tighter integration with other SAS solutions. Improved usability includes the capacity to create reusable custom tools. In addition, SAS Marketing Automation and the new SAS Real-Time Decision Manager solution will share a single interface that empowers marketers to design and execute inbound, outbound and event based campaigns consistently and easily.