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Journey to Marketing Operations Maturity Benchmarking Study Now Available from Marketing Operations Partners

Marketing Operations Partners, a thought leader in the evolving field of Marketing Operations (MO), today announced the availability of a pioneering benchmarking study that details how a substantial group of companies pursue excellence in their MO practice. Spanning nearly six months, the 63 page study includes insights gleaned from more than 20 one-on-one interviews with senior executives at Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing smaller technology companies. Additional qualitative and quantitative findings were also uncovered through an online survey, which increased the total study sample to more than 80 participants.

Through operationally enhanced marketing, best of breed companies seek to maximize marketing return on investment. The Marketing Operations Partners benchmark study identified critical aspects of this process:

• Key drivers in the journey to maturity in MO best practices
• Relationship of formal reviews to MO success
• Scope of MO practices across company, marketing and MO function characteristics
• Success factors and obstacles to progress for the MO function

Marketing Operations Partners founder and CEO Gary M. Katz noted, "Our exhaustive study produced eye-opening guidance that will help firms in any market achieve highly sustainable return on marketing investments through more effective Marketing Operations. The discipline of Marketing Operations adds full accountability and responsibility to the often unmeasured or under-measured practice of marketing.

“Journey to Marketing Operations Maturity is the first benchmark study of its kind in this important emerging field. Companies wishing to emulate the industry's leading MO success stories may look upon this study as a pragmatic how-to manual,” he added.

The study's authors and researchers are associates and founders of Marketing Operations Partners, and constitute a team of senior marketing talent, each with an average of more than two decades of Silicon Valley experience serving companies ranging from global leaders to start-ups.

According to Project Director Lynn Hunsaker, who also serves as Marketing Operations Partners’ Customer Profitability service team leader, "Our report simultaneously demonstrates unparalleled street wisdom as well as academic rigor? The insightful results provide a useful roadmap for companies wishing to implement Marketing Operations best practices."

Journey to Marketing Operations Maturity is divided into the following sections:

• Executive Summary
• Research Approach
• Findings and Implications
o MO Evolution and Potential Impact
o Overview of the MO Journey
o Key Factors in the MO Journey
o MO Reviews and MO Maturity
• Key Differences and Commonalities
o Impact of Key Company Characteristics
o Impact of Marketing Stature and Charter
o Impact of Structure and Scope
• Insights
o MO Best Practice Framework
o Best Practice Firms Embrace MO Framework
o The Gap between MO Best Practices and Current Practice
o MO Best Practice and Future Marketing Success
• Next Steps
o For Companies’ Marketing Operations
o For Future Research
• Appendix
o Methodology
o Profile of Participants
o Marketing Operations Partners and the Research Team

Published in color, the report includes more than 40 illustrations, which add impact to the discoveries and conclusions and assist readers as graphical metaphors for key points. For example, illustrations in the "Key Differences and Commonalities" section graphically display key information in counterintuitive situations, and are useful for comparing MO practice variations between formal and informal MO functions, at various levels of financial performance, and with a range of marketing- and sales-dominant corporate structures. The report also introduces the Marketing Operations Partners’ "Best Practice Framework," which brings together MO inputs, outputs, tools and considerations into a unified, cohesive model.