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RBS launches website to win over Amro workers

The Royal Bank of Scotland consortium that is bidding against Barclays to buy Dutch bank ABN Amro has launched a website with the aim of getting the support of employees.

RBS are using the new website, to target the 105,000 employees of the Dutch bank with the new website explaining the implications of the RBS offer.

The website includes interviews in the Dutch media with Sir Fred Goodwin, the chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland, where he insists that many staff would kept on, should the bid go through.

"It is a very good bank and it has a lot of very good people and we certainly want to employ, and need to employ, good people who are there."

Reported by the Scotsman, he commented that there would be job losses: "There will be some, and that's regrettable, but we can't keep the customers without the people, we absolutely need the people, we are not buying the company for the buildings."

Barclays president, Bob Diamond has already conceded that RBS is offering a better price but may face regulatory problems, Barclays already has the approvals in place.