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Cognos Expands Strategic Relationship with Informatica

Cognos (NASDAQ: COGN; TSX: CSN), the world leader in business intelligence and performance management solutions, today announced it has expanded its strategic relationship with Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), a leading provider of data integration and data quality software. Cognos has signed a worldwide reseller agreement with Informatica for its data quality software. The companies will also expand their go-to-market cooperation in the field for data integration to provide customers with complete best-of-breed solutions.
“Data quality is a business issue that impacts corporate performance, and business stakeholders are key to the success of any data quality initiative," said Henry Morris, Senior VP of Worldwide Software and Services Research at IDC. “The integration of Cognos performance management applications with Informatica data quality solutions (with associated Cognos and Informatica services) gives needed visibility into data quality issues to business professionals. This combined solution should increase confidence in the accuracy of information, enabling a more complete and accurate viewpoint on results, operations and strategies."

Under terms of the agreement, Cognos will resell Informatica Data Quality and Informatica Data Explorer products as part of its performance management portfolio. Cognos and Informatica will also team to jointly provide customers with data integration capabilities that will enhance and strengthen the overall performance management solutions in their organizations.

Informatica Data Quality allows business leaders to collaborate with IT and take ownership in improving the quality of data for performance management initiatives, empowering the right people in the organization to implement effective and durable data quality processes. Informatica Data Explorer discovers incompatibilities and data inconsistencies in the many disparate source systems that feed data warehousing and BI systems and cause downstream problems. The two companies will also cooperate in joint marketing and sales initiatives to promote best-case data quality strategies for performance management.

As part of this alliance, Cognos has created complementary Data Quality Professional Services to help customers implement successfully. The Cognos Data Quality Rapid Assessment Service is a quick-win approach to understand how well existing data assets support a customer’s performance management solution – helping identify how to improve the accuracy and completeness of data to increase business confidence in the overall solution. The service culminates with the delivery of a baseline Data Quality Assessment Summary that delivers data quality reports, best practices and concrete recommendations. Cognos will also resell and deliver two Informatica services: the 15-day Data Quality Audit service and the 10-day Data Quality Baseline Deployment service.

“This announcement extends our long-term partnership with Informatica and strengthens our position as the Performance Management expert. With proven software from Informatica, combined with our Data Quality services focused on performance management, we can address data quality issues that span the full breadth of performance management data, not just customer data typically found in other solutions,” said Mel Zeledon, SVP of Global Alliances at Cognos. “This is another step on the road to delivering a complete and consistent view of information. With Cognos 8 BI, we enabled all BI capabilities to consistently access data wherever it resides in IT, we provided a common view of information so business users can work from the same numbers in terms they understand, and now we are addressing the quality of the data itself.”

“Cognos and Informatica share a platform-neutral approach to software and have a mutual desire to help our customers get the most from their enterprise data,” said Harry Gould, SVP of Worldwide Alliances at Informatica. “Cognos solutions provide CIOs and business leaders with a complete view of business issues for high-value decision making on a global scale. By ensuring that the quality of business information can be effectively monitored and readily improved, Informatica Data Quality gives Cognos customers the opportunity to drive better business decisions.”

The data quality reseller agreement and the proactive collaboration around data integration expand the reach of Informatica’s best-of-breed capabilities to new performance management markets and provide interoperability with Cognos Performance Management for customers. The Cognos Performance Management System combines technology, best practices, analytical applications, and a broad network of partners into a single performance management solution for its customers.