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Citisoft, the specialist investment management consulting firm, today announced the publication of its latest White Paper focusing on Client Reporting. The White Paper defines client reporting as more than conventional client reports - such as account statements - and examines the overall role of client communications in supporting the health of the investment management business.

The paper was based on a review of leading vendors as well as discussions with a range of Investment Managers in the UK and the US.

One of Citisoft's key findings is that the success of new or updated client reporting initiatives is closely related to the strength of investment managers' data management systems.

Topics that are covered in detail include:
- Trends and Impacts in Client Reporting
- The importance of Data Management and some key considerations
- A commentary on the areas of agreement and differences of approach taken by leading vendors
- The complexities of reporting alternative investments and a range of typical issues

The paper was authored by Peter Bambrough (Managing Consultant) and Sunil Chadda (Principal Consultant).

Mr. Bambrough said, "We have a long history of helping our clients understand client reporting issues. We regularly review trends and drivers in the market, and take a close look at vendor solutions. In today's environment, we recognise that it is not possible to look at Client Reporting without also covering Data Management."

Mr. Chadda commented, "The alternatives space is the fastest-moving sector in global financial markets. Innovation, changing market and accounting practices and standards and regulation are the primary drivers for change. The reporting of these transactions can be especially complex and presents a real challenge to those managers who chose to use them."