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Calyon choose Etrali Mach 3D turret for 400 traders in 8 cities across Asia

Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions is pleased to announce that Calyon Capital Markets is installing 400 Etrali Mach 3D turrets in Asia. These 400 Mach 3Ds are part of the landmark 10,000 Etrali turret installations that were achieved by July 2007.

Calyon Capital Markets (Calyon) have been a client of Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions for a number of years. In 2006 Calyon decided to upgrade its existing turrets and use the opportunity to add some new positions. Etrali Mach 3D turrets have been installed and are going live in eight Asian sites: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Mumbai, Taipei, Singapore, Seoul, Bangkok and Shanghai. The majority of the turrets are in Tokyo and Hong Kong. The Shanghai installation comprises brand new dealerboards set-up for the fast-growing dealing room.

As a result of Calyon’s successful implementations of the Etrali Mach 3D turrets in Paris and London it is now upgrading its trading room infrastructure across Asia and installing 400 new Etrali Mach 3D turrets. The deal is an integral part of Calyon’s IT strategy in Asia and will allow Calyon to respond to the growth in the trading volumes in Asian markets and the increasing importance of the region. The installation of Etrali Mach 3D provides Calyon with the flexibility of being able to migrate to VoIP in the future without having to change or write off its technology and with virtually no disruption to the traders. Calyon is using the VoIP / TDM dual mode Mach 3D turret as well as the Etrali voice recording system.

Says Fabrice Garambois, Head of Operations and IT at Calyon Capital Markets, Asia Pacific: “We have a close relationship with Orange Business Services in Asia having worked with them for many years. Their products are well suited to our needs so when the decision was made to upgrade our turrets, Etrali Mach 3D was the natural choice. We have decided to go for a gradual implementation across the region; the installation has gone well and has been very straightforward. As we are considering moving to VoIP sometime in the future the Mach 3D is the best option for us, offering us the ability to migrate easily at a time of our choice.”

James Daniels, Sales and Operation Manager Asia Pacific for Orange Business Services -Trading Solutions, adds: “We have a long-standing and successful relationship with Calyon and the Asian implementation is a continuation of that relationship. We are delighted to be involved in helping Calyon to standardise its Asian dealing rooms and prepare the infrastructure for eventual migration to IP.”