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Forbis announces a new development FORPOST for international use

The specialists of the Forbis Company have implemented flexible and universal solution, allowing with no additional programming to describe FORPOST system objects in accordance with information storage regulations corresponding to the requirements of different countries. New solution belongs to the system kernel FORPOST*Kernel as well as the FORPOST*CRM module, designed for storing information about customers.

For example, in many countries, there are different address classifiers with different number of address elements and their management rules. Information on a customer’s address is entered to the system using the structured form, wherein each address element is entered by selecting a value of an appropriate classifier. In order to realize the solution, advanced informational technologies are used in XML, XLT, XSR basis. The system has been extended, thus UTF8 code page may be used.

During information entering, when bank employee selects a value of an address element of a lower level, the system automatically fills in upper hierarchical elements by appropriate values of the classifier. This solution significantly simplifies information entering, saves a bank employee’s time and eliminates a possibility to enter erroneous and insecure address data.

This new FORPOST extension not only guarantees more efficient data entering (it is very important for banking activity), it is also a reliable and effective means, which meets the requirements of institutions, performing data control. Strict entered data control, performed in the FORPOST banking information system, enables its adaptation for operations in various countries.