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GridwiseTech Releases Demo application for the Financial Sector

GridwiseTech, the vendor-independent expert in scalable solutions, has released a demo application for the financial sector, integrating a system that allows to distribute computation tasks onto multiple machines with a Web-portal for easy mobile access. The demo presents how to speed up sophisticated finance calculations, like forecasting portfolio Value, effectively, also by means of the smartphone interface.

The solution presented by GridwiseTech enables to make quick analyses, e.g. Monte Carlo calculations of present and future portfolio value, e.g. monte carlo calculations of portfolio value in future or defintion of stocks value in a current time, also outside the main office, keeping all the important data secure on the company's servers at the same time. Thanks to this, risk managers or financial advisors will not only speed up their tasks, thus being more competitive, but also be able to present the outcomes live to the client.

“As a vendor-independent expert we intended to present separate technologies seamlessly working together for the client's benefit. This demo is the tip of an iceberg of possibilities in multi-vendor integration in banking and finance.” - said GridwiseTech's president, Pawel Plaszczak. “The decision on the optimal product highly depends on a customer’s particular requirements. We assist customers in these challenging decisions as well as in the follow-up development and integration of work."