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Competitors see red as Orange Business Services see turret sales grow by 100% in 1 year

Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions today announced that it has installed its 10,000th Etrali Mach 3D - IP / TDM dual mode Turret, a 100% increase over the last 12 months.

The recent Etrali Mach 3D installation at a Hong Kong bank saw the number of the turrets deployed worldwide hit 10,000. It was a milestone which signified the Mach 3D customer base doubling in just one year with the strongest growth coming from Asia Pacific, closely followed by the UK and Southern Europe. The recently published report by Kimsey Consulting on the expected worldwide demand for trading positions stated that the spend on trading turrets and trading room technologies was continuing to grow and that 25,000 new trading positions will be added by 2010. The rapid growth in the number of Mach 3D turrets sold has already outstripped this forecast. The report also found that almost three-quarters of firms now regard Voice over IP (VoIP) as a suitable technology solution for the trading floor, compared to around two-thirds last year. With the new installations of Mach 3D, the IP embedded Etrali turret, Orange Business Services is seeing a clear move to VoIP.

The significant growth in sales has lead to the whole supply chain structure being remodelled. Says Yves de Veyrac, production manager at Orange Business Services Trading Solutions, “Our priority has always been to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and to deliver an outstanding service. For our clients the most important thing is the reliability of their turrets followed by responsiveness. Our customer support and production processes are geared to achieve the absolute best for our clients.” Adds de Veyrac, “We work closely with the sales teams, advising them on the most appropriate configuration for the specific and unique set of needs of each customer. All requests are fed back into marketing and development to ensure that requested enhancements can be of benefit to our entire customer base.”

In an approach that is unique in the industry Orange Business Services outsources all its turret production to a manufacturing partner with a global presence. This gives the production teams the ability to “build to customer order” and gives almost unlimited flexibility. Currently a small installation of turrets can be delivered quickly - within just 48 hours - while a large order takes longer to fulfil. The production team is always striving to improve its service even further and is currently working on a complete reorganisation of the supply chain in order to accommodate anticipated growth. The aim for 2008 is to develop the supply chain further and reduce the standard delivery time.

Antoine Verzilli, head of Supply Chain Operations says, “Our aim is to be responsive to our clients’ needs, and give them the flexibility of having solutions that work for them. We have restructured our whole production and supply chain process and boosted the production team with the recruitment of specialist staff so that however many turrets our sales teams sell we are able to meet their requirements 100% and provide the quality and service that our clients have come to expect.”