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BIRT Races Past One Million Downloads

Actuate, Founder of BIRT, Drives Broad Adoption of Open Source Business Intelligence

Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTU), the leader in Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Reporting Applications, today announced that BIRT, the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools open source project which Actuate founded and co-sponsors at the Eclipse Foundation, has surpassed one million downloads within two years of its first release. BIRT is the only top-level Eclipse project focused on Business Intelligence. Actuate is an Eclipse Strategic Developer and leads the BIRT Project Management Committee.

Actuate has leveraged its 11 plus years of experience in commercial Business Intelligence and reporting to help grow the open source Business Intelligence and reporting community. In addition, by providing indemnification, training, maintenance and support for BIRT, and by supplying a full suite of products based on BIRT - including design environments for professional developers and power users, as well as industry-leading, enterprise-ready deployment infrastructure - Actuate has enabled organisations to confidently and easily deploy BIRT for highly scalable, mission-critical applications.

“BIRT has become a driving force in open source Business Intelligence and reporting. Reaching one million downloads within two years of its first release indicates the high demand for flexible reports that can be easily designed and quickly deployed with any application,” said Pete Cittadini, CEO and president, Actuate Corporation. “Leading global market intelligence firm IDC values the market for standalone open source software at $1.8bn in 2006, and most applications built have a need for reporting capabilities. At 1M downloads, we’ve just begun to scratch the surface in addressing this enormous market.”

“The community has played a critical role in the success of BIRT with active participation in developing, testing and extending BIRT, and using the technology in ways we never anticipated,” said Mark Coggins, senior vice president of Engineering, Actuate Corporation. “The fact that major software vendors such as IBM, BEA, Borland and Zend have incorporated BIRT into their products lines is a good indicator of the technology’s maturity and production-readiness.”

“BIRT represents best in class technology for reporting and is fully integrated into our Enterprise Resource Planning system, CORE. The BIRT functionality within CORE enables users to create a report from within an application, and publish it to collaborate with other users,” said Jon Smith, president, RPC Software. “BIRT is working well for us and we are looking to migrate our current business reports and forms from Jasper and XSL-FO based technology to BIRT.”