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Rhyme Systems launches rhymeSIGHT v3.0.0

Rhyme Systems, a leading provider of asset management solutions, today announces the launch of rhymeSIGHT 3.0.0 – a new version of rhymeSIGHT, its integrated investment management platform - which includes a range of additional functionality to support the entire front to back office operation.

The new release of the platform includes the following functionality:

Data Store Module
This brand new module allows users to define a 'snap shot' of data which can be created for a given list of entities from the rhymeSIGHT Back Office database. This provides even greater control and precision around what information is extracted and the output format of the data, in order to service intermediaries and other key clients. The data store module compliments existing rhymeSIGHT components including the rhymeSIGHT Query service.

Deal Drafting & Automated Confirmation
Included in the functionality of this new module is the ability to bulk draft deals, convert draft deals to provisional deals, export provisional deals to third parties and import deal confirmation notifications from third parties. Among the major benefits of this module is the reduction of manual keying as well as straight through dealing. In addition, order bulking reduces third party transaction charges.

Web Services
This functionality allows users to expose specific data that is held and managed in rhymeSIGHT Back Office so that it can be called in from the company’s website and viewed by the end user – either intermediaries or private individuals. Three web services are currently provided: investment holding positions, cash positions and unsettled trades.

Enhanced Fund Appraisal Module
rhymeSIGHT’s performance measurement capability has been enhanced. Among the additions to the functionality are the ability to measure the performance of a portfolio against an agreed index, schedule performance runs as well as store and re-run calculations.

As well as offering this enhanced version of rhymeSIGHT to new customers, Rhyme’s existing clients can license the new modules individually.
Stephen Young, Divisional Director, Rhyme Systems, said, “This new release of rhymeSIGHT builds on the platform’s already comprehensive functionality. The enhancements have been driven by a combination of regulatory requirements and existing and prospective customer demands.”

rhymeSIGHT is built around a single, core database and provides one environment and experience for a wide range of asset management user communities - including dealers, client relationship managers, compliance teams, fund managers and operations staff - reducing multiple data sources, double entry, reconciliation issues, and risk.