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ULLINK to provide the UL FRONT online trading interface to SEB

ULLINK, provider of global transactional solutions for the financial community, today announced that SEB, a major North-European financial group, elected the UL FRONT trading solution to offer its clients multi-broker trading over the UL NET network, ULLINK’s global FIX hub.

SEB clients will be provided with the UL FRONT interface, developed by INFRONT, ULLINK’s partner in electronic trading front-ends. UL FRONT is a sophisticated solution for trading multiple asset classes (equities, futures, options), providing a unique combination of real-time market data aggregation from multiple sources, data analysis tools and advanced trading functionalities. UL FRONT also enables its users to instantly apply the latest algorithms their brokers have published on the UL NET website.

“Buy-Side users are looking for more independence and flexibility in terms of trading. We selected UL FRONT to enable our clients to easily create and channel orders to SEB or to any other counterparty connected to the UL NET”, says Sven Andersson, Head of Equity DMA at SEB. “This give them the leverage they were looking for, while removing the need for a complex trading architecture as the web-based UL FRONT is easy to implement and even easier to use”.

For their clients who are not connected to the UL NET, SEB devised a mono-broker electronic trading offer, providing them with INFRONT workstations connected to SEB’s UL BRIDGE order routing platform. This platform enables trading in FIX or any other message format across multiple asset classes.

“Not only can these customers send orders directly from these stations, but they also have access to SEB’s algorithms to enrich their strategies. Benefiting from their broker’s research in algo trading is key to the clients’ success in a highly competitive environment. We are constantly looking for innovative products to support our clients’ business. The combined solution provided by ULLINK brings a wealth of possibilities to our buy-side customers” says Daniel Wendin, Business development ETCM at SEB.

“Our goal at ULLINK is to provide flexible and innovative solutions to clients. INFRONT has a proven technology and it made great sense to package our products in order to deliver a best of breed solution to our clients. SEB is going to leverage that value as they combined several ULLINK solutions to build an environment that met their very own requirements, while providing their clients with an extensive range of innovative trading tools”, concludes Laurent Useldinger, CEO of ULLINK.