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Rathbones Enhances rhymeSIGHT Functionality with DataStore

Rhyme Systems, a leading provider of asset management solutions, today announces that Rathbones has acquired rhymeSIGHT DataStore, a new rhymeSIGHT Back Office module which provides additional services to their discretionary private client wealth management offerings.

The rhymeSIGHT DataStore module provides the facility for a user defined 'snap shot' of data which can be created for a given list of entities from the rhymeSIGHT Back Office database. This will provide Rathbones with even greater control and precision around what information is extracted and the output format of the data, in order to service intermediaries and other key clients. The module compliments existing rhymeSIGHT components including the rhymeSIGHT Query service.

rhymeSIGHT is an integrated investment administration platform. It supports the entire front to back office operation and is built around a single, core database. The rhymeSIGHT DataStore service holds data in the Caché database as a traditional class, in accordance with user-defined formatting rules which are employed when the collation process is enabled. The resulting table is accessible via all established methods including rhymeSIGHT Query and Caché protocols.

Paul Chavasse, COO of Rathbones, said, "The rhymeSIGHT DataStore enables Rathbones to gain further control and understand the data that is so critical to the client business. It meets the increasing demand to service our clients with accurate, reliable and up to the minute electronic data extracts. This development reaffirms our belief that rhymeSIGHT is the definitive back office system for our market place, benefiting from excellent robustness and breadth of functionality."

Steve Young, Director of Rhyme Systems, said, "We are delighted that Rathbones has again selected a rhymeSIGHT module to enhance their existing capabilities. The DataStore is part of rhymeSIGHT - a full front to back Investment Management Platform. The rhymeSIGHT suite has been developed to empower the client base.”