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Huge uptake of Kiwibank mobile banking paves way for Fronde Anywhere's global success

In response to growing demand from retail banks and the wider financial services industry, Fronde Anywhere, a newly formed wholly owned subsidiary of Fronde Systems Group, has today launched its mobile banking, payment and two factor authentication solutions worldwide.

Fronde Anywhere's customisable solutions, which can be easily tailored to meet the specific needs of individual organisations or end-user segments, enable financial institutions to cost-effectively deploy end-to-end mobile banking offerings.

"Mobile banking provides an ideal opportunity for banks to differentiate themselves against the competition and improve customer loyalty, said Rob Bamforth, principal analyst at Quocirca. "If implemented effectively, such technology could generate significant business benefits for banks, while improving customer relations."

Fronde Anywhere's Bank Anywhere solution has already been implemented by Kiwibank, where it is enabling the bank's customers to access a full range of banking services and complete actual transactions from their mobile phone today.

"The uptake of these services has been phenomenal," said Steve Ferguson, general manager for distribution at Kiwibank. "By enabling us to provide easy-to-use, full featured mobile banking, Fronde Anywhere's technology has helped us establish Kiwibank as an innovative market leader in banking services."

Fronde Anywhere's Bank Anywhere platform enables end-users to securely and easily make payments and bank transactions from their mobile device, while its two-factor authentication product, TwoSecure(tm), adds an additional and vital layer of security to Internet banking.

Java and SMS based Bank Anywhere enables banks to offer a wide-range of mobile services from a single platform, including account balances, transaction history, and fund transfers. In addition, through the solution's secure java application, end-users can conduct automatic, bill, and person-to-person payments. This product can be tailored to reflect a bank's branding and also fits with the look and feel of each mobile device. End-users can simply access their banking tool from their phone menu. Additional advantages for banks include reduced operational costs by eliminating a significant proportion of inbound contact centre calls, and increased revenues.

TwoSecure secures Internet banking transactions by eliminating the risk of man in the middle attacks and third parties assuming the user's identity. This product is more cost-effective than hardware tokens for banks to deploy, and more convenient for consumers to use. By generating one-time passwords to users' handsets that can be matched with one held on the server, users can gain authenticated access to online transactions or remote networks.

"The clear business benefits of mobile banking should make it a top priority for banks," said Caroline Dewe, executive vice president, products and marketing at Fronde Anywhere. "By embracing mobile banking now and getting it right, banks can not only win and retain customers, but they are also better placed to set the agenda for mobile payments, which is where the market is ultimately heading."

Fronde Anywhere's solutions support all mobile networks and have passed rigorous security audits. The advanced capability of these products is derived from Fronde Anywhere's strong heritage and proven success in delivering mobile commerce solutions that provide end-users with convenient forms of payment and information access.